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Have you ever had one of those busy days that just seems to fly by? And then you end up thinking about something delicious you can quickly prepare and serve for dinner!

Jama’s Kitchen can help you solve that problem! Here’s a few ideas on how to easily fill your dinner table or have yummy snacks on hand when after-school activities end. Fresh chilled salads like “Olivier”, Vinaigrette, Perchiki stuffed mini-peppers, and Sauerkraut superfood (when in season) can be ready for you to serve! And one of our favorites, Pirozhki, can be baked in just a few minutes! These are much healthier than hot pocket-type frozen snacks and kids love them!

Click and see the menu or call us at (925) 858-9108 to place your order to pick-up or we deliver! (Minimum purchase and small delivery charge apply.)