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Veranda Menu

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Our New Menu for 2019

Salads & Appetizers

olivier salad light russian potato salad





Olivier Salad
16 oz. Delicacy Russian potato salad with chopped beef, carrots, peas, pickles, dill $10.00

vinaigrette salad traditional russian food from veranda the woodlands





16 oz. Vegetarian salad with beets, potatoes, carrots, peas, dill and pickles $10.00

stuffed mini-bell peppers Veranda Jamas Kitchen





8 pcs. Boiled mini-bell peppers with minced beef, rice or quinoa $8.00

signature roasted peppers salad healthy food the woodlands





Marinated Bell Peppers
16 oz. Sautéed baked bell-peppers $10.00

healthy sauerkraut superfood the woodlands magnolia Veranda Jamas Kitchen





16 oz. Russian-style pickled cabbage with carrots and spices $10.00

korean carrot salad




Korean Carrot Salad
16 oz. Korean delicacy salad of marinated carrots and spices $10.00

herring under the fur coat layered tasty dish jamas kitchen veranda the woodlands





“Herring Under the Fur Coat”
1 lbs. Russian delicacy: Layered salad with chopped beets, herring (choice of salmon), potatoes, onions, dill and mayonnaise $15.00

salmon pie slice veranda jamas kitchen





Salmon Pie
16″ Salmon-and-veggie pie $40.00

green salad veranda cuisine catering




Green Salad
16 oz. Crisp salad of mixed greens, olives, shaved parmesan cheese doused in olive oil $15.00


borsch authentic recipe jamas kitchen the woodlands





3 qts. Traditional Russian (Ukrainian) beetroots soup in beef stock (serves 3-4) $30.00




Chicken “Lapsha”
3 qts. Handmade noodle soup in chicken broth (serves 3-4) $30.00

beshbarmak russian beef and noodle dish jamas kitchen





4 lbs. Staple Kazakhstan winter food: dough sheets boiled in beef stock, marinated beef, steamed onions (serves 3-4) $40.00

Plov rice dish Veranda Jamas Kitchen





1 lbs. Rice cooked in beef stock with spices, carrots & onions $15.00

manty pumpkin or lamb dumplings Veranda Woodlands





1 lbs. Hand-made dumplings with beef, choice of pumpkin and onions $15.00

oatmeal kashi veranda the woodlands





Oatmeal (Kasha)
16 oz. Healthy breakfast choice: Russian-style oatmeal with fruit and chia seeds $8.00

Baked choices

Baursaki beignet-like





1 lbs. Kazakh traditional beignet-like doughnuts $15.00

pirozhki jamas kitchen the woodlands magnolia




20-piece Baked dough pockets filled with choice of minced beef, turkey, mashed potatoes or sauteed cabbage $20.00

syrniki mini-pancakes





3-piece Healthy breakfast choice: Baked mini-cakes made of sweet sour cream $8.00







Lemon or Apple Pastry Pie
14″ Cake with lemon or fresh apple aroma $30.00

Honey Cake Veranda The Woodlands





Honey cake
1 lbs. Light honey cake $20.00

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Prices are subject to Texas sales tax of 8.25%.
Home / Office delivery provided for $30 orders or more.

Delivery fees: The Woodlands, Central Houston – $10. Katy, Sugar Land – $20.

Catering orders: $150 minimum food and beverage purchase; 50% down payment required with balance due upon delivery; $20 minimum delivery fee.
Refunds are given for cancellations within 48 hours of originally-agreed time of delivery.

Relax with Veranda Catering

“…as good as home made by my babushka”

Elena Pfr review on Facebook 5-Stars
February 12 at 12:01am

“Jama [did] catering for my Valentines party for 40+ people. This guys did so great! Everything was so delicious: plov, manty, SALMON pie (!) 🥧 , various salads and cream-cheese stuffed crapes! My guests were so pleased and kept asking if I made it myself. I have to mention that I got professional advises how much I should order, and how much wine to to buy: they ordered it for me. She were very detailed and she knew her job. Jama’s food is as good as home made by my babushka. My guests asked if they can take some home. The only complaint is it’s so tasty, I can’t stop eating it. Highly recommended.”